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What Can I do to protect my system from hackers

Some easy steps to HELP protect your health business I am often asked about what practices can do to HELP protect themselves from RansomWare or other hacking attempts. Some really easy to implement ideas include:- #1 Good password policy, strong passwords unknown to others, changed at weird intervals (not monthly) #2 Two Factor Authentication if you can for remote access #3 Destroy hard drives on old servers, workstations, NAS devices, photocopiers and high end printers etc. Drill a hole or hammer a few nails through the drive casing works well for cylinder drives. There are also many disk erase software available, some for free #4 Patch all software, especially the operating system. Use latest releases #5 Use good email antivirus scanning - don't expect that you get that from your existing provide.r #6 Use antivirus on all systems, and update it frequently #7 Train your staff, including to not open email attachments that they weren't expecting #8 Lock your server in ventilated room

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