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slide6Matt’s Best Practice Pro Tips

As shown at BP Summer Summit March 2014

Risk Mitigation

  • Limit access based on ROLE eg junior/new reception staff no access to patient clinical record
  • Registrars not have ability to backup database
  • Passwords not known except by user
  • Scan using BDI
  • Write letters outside of patient chart (for non-clinical people)
  • Upload photos same day or better during appointment
  • Use to-do list
  • Check outstanding requests when checking in results

Human Resource Management

  • Maximise use of Appointment book
  • Drug rep lunches
  • Room allocation
  • Nurse Column(s)
  • Multiple layouts
  • SMS reminders for patients
  • Remote logon from home (for doctors)

Technical Resources = Time Savers

  • BDI usage (one to scan, many to allocate)
  • Cameras / Clinical Images
  • Device Integration
  • Database Search
  • Autofill for instruments used in a procedure, recorded in patient chart
  • eHealth secure messages (export HL7)
  • Online appointment booking
  • Personalised tools (web page to create .pit, DDE linkages)
  • Third Party Tools

Financial Resources

  • Billing + Receipts Reports
  • Customised reports based on Dean’s Excel Spreadsheet
  • SQL Management Studio queries
  • SQL command line queries