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IT4Doctors Pty Ltd was formed in July 2011 by Practice Manager Matt Gilchrist.

IT4Doctors Pty Ltd was created after the third request in less than a week to look over new server specifications for other general practices.

With some very recent examples of overcharging and incredibly poor customer service from existing IT companies being identified by ten out of eleven practice managers at an organised 'chat session' in June 2011 being very fresh in his mind, Matt decided enough was enough. Some of the stories included not being allowed to use the right-click context menu, not being allowed to obtain the administrator password and having important e-mails silently rejected due to poor implementation of SPAM filtering.

IT4Doctors Pty Ltd encourages remote administration.
IT4Doctors Pty Ltd believes in working around when doctors need to access systems, and not in disrupting patient sessions with 'planned' server outages.