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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the tool report and to whom does it report?

The reporting tool is for you to see reports about your practice. The report will open in your web browser.

No reports are sent to me or to anyone else without your explicit instruction to do so.

How does the 3 month trial work?

From day 2, The tool will ask to send me some detail about your practice, things like name and address, phone and email, practice manager's name or the principal doctor's name(s). It will show all of this on screen before it sends to me. I need some of that information to be able to generate a licence number for you to continue to use the tool. I will generate a 3 month trial licence and return that to you via email.

What are the default reports?

The default reports are some aged debt reports, and a list of patients who are eligible for UP01 or UP03, but who haven't yet been invoiced those item numbers. Each person on this UP01/UP03 list is worth over $2000 every year to your practice. Hopefully your staff are so well organised that there are no patients on this list.

The aged debt reports give a different view than what you will currently get from within Best Practice.

Can I change the reports?

You can include or remove any report that you want by adding or removing sql files from that folder.

At some surgeries, I compare billings for appointments booked as procedures, and ensure that they have a 3XXXX item number in the billing for that day, and flag if not. I would generate that each month, for appointments say 30 to 60 days previously.

At another surgery, the doctors want to know what appointments for procedures have been cancelled, and the reason entered?

How do I get more reports?

If you send Matt an email, he can send you some other queries that you can try. matt@it4doctors.com.au

One surgery uses this tool for generating a banking report at the end of each day.

Reports are limited only by the sql query run.

Can reports be emailed to me instead?

The tool can be set to email reports, even automatically!!

This tool can be set to send an email every day with the appointments for tomorrow, detailing which patients are due for care plan renewal / review, which are due for health assessment etc.


****This program does not use Best Practice permissions - it will just work.
The program **ONLY** reads your data, but you should limit where it is saved to locations that require some Windows permissions to access. You wouldn't want to leave it where it is accessible to any user or they may be able to dump all Best Practice user information and ANY patient information from your Best Practice database.

Care should also be taken to ensure that emails containing patient identifiable data are not sent via unencrypted means.

If you have your own mail server (MS Exchange or hMailserver or Postfix etc) and the data will not leave your normal network, this concern is mitigated appropriately. If however you use a hosted gMail or Office365 domain, you should discuss the security implications with your IT support before enabling email sending of the these reports.