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Browser Security

Firefox and Chrome seem to be leading this (and I'm glad that someone is).

Browser updates are not allowing submission/ connections to sites with poor security implementations. Medicare knew this was coming last year and changed the way that HPOS online worked from using PKI dongles to the more secure PRODA system.

Additionally some of the Certificate Authorities have been made 'untrusted' because of their behaviour and lack of ethics generally, eg WoSIGN and StartSSL.

One of my clients has bought to my attention that some web sites for submitting detail are no longer considered secure by latest versions of Firefox and Chrome, websites like


Not good enough.

Internet Browsers (not Microsoft Edge yet though) are serious about trying to stop malware / ransonware and trojans being injected into sites.Health providers and agencies need to step up.
Department of Human Services certainly seemed to know about this back before November, because they sent me an 'upgrade to PRODA' letter in November.

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